Hat Tears - Wizard

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  • Model: MA-HTW
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  • Manufactured by: Trickmaster

Here’s a trick that’s easy to do, fun to perform and loved by audiences of all ages. You show two pieces of brightly colored tissue paper. You rip them to shreds. Next, you roll the pieces into a ball and place it into your helper’s hand. After some humorous by-play, your helper opens her hand and discovers the pieces have magically changed into a delightful party hat. Finally you give the hat to your helper as a magical gift. Professional close-up and stage magicians, clowns, MCs and storytellers use these hat tears. Many pros use them in every show they do.

WIZARD HAT: The magician invites a boy from the audience to help on stage. The magician shows two different pieces of paper to the audience and gives one to the boy and keeps one for him/herself. They both tear their papers in half a few times until only pieces remain and crumple them into a little ball. Next, they wave their hand over the paper and say a magic word. The boy's paper is not restored, however, the magician's paper is! Not only is it restored, but it has transformed into a wizard hat that the boy can wear as a souvenir.

BONNET: This is one of those routines I use in every show. Kids love it, and it's wonderful for the birthday girl. Adult are also knocked out by this effect. You get a big reaction out of such an easy to do trick--it makes me feel guilty! We carry the best hats in magic, made by Dan Tong. Show two pieces of tissue paper. Hand one to your spectator, and you both tear up your pieces of tissue. Wad up the torn pieces of tissue, and when you open them up, they have become a large paper bonnet with a flower on the side! You place the hat on your helper's head, to a big round of applause! Entirely self-contained.

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